languagesHikaShop is translated in more than 40 languages. It means that our component interface is translated but also that you will be able to edit your products in different languages in order to get a multilingual store.

Here is an example with the same product translated in 3 different languages :

See the product

See the product

See the product

 Here are the 5 main steps to get this result :

1) Install and publish the Joomla language packages that you need. You can find them directly on the back-end of your website : extensions / languages manager

2) Install a translation component : Falang or JoomFish

3) Download the languages you need in HikaShop. For that, go in the Languages tab of the HikaShop configuration page, edit each language and retrieve the language file of HikaShop for that language and save.

4) Make sure you enable the option "Activate the edition of content in multiple languages" in the Languages tab of the HikaShop configuration so that you can directly add your translations when you edit your content in HikaShop.

5) Go in the Joomla language manager via the menu Extensions>Language manager of your Joomla backend and in the "Content" area, make sure that you already have one entry for each language of your website.


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