A product page can have several layouts with different areas of information. Your product page can be very detailed with a lot of options and information or very light depending on your needs.


What you can see on the front-end !


Product with main information :

- Thumbnails and big picture (pop up)

- Name  / price

- Quantity

- Characteristics / Options

- Add to cart button

- Description


Product with different layouts :


Product with additional information :

- add to wishlist button

- vote and comments

- related products

- badges

- discounts

- specifications : custom fields





What you can test on the back-end !
Provide the main information for your product
Product's information
  • Go in the "PRODUCT" section of HikaShop., create your product and fill its main information : name, price, weight, picture, description, related products... etc.


  • You can translate your product in several languages, directly on this page. For that, you first need to setup HikaShop as necessary .
Modify the layout of your product
Product options
  • Go in the "DISPLAY" section of HikaShop, (HikaShop / Configuration / Display).. and manage several options regarding the product layout


view's override
  • If you want a totally different result for your product page, you can directly modify the view  "product" and override the whole layout. For that, go in the section "views" in HikaShop/Display/Views and get access to the Html structure of the product page. You can see an example on our page : "personalized layout" that uses the specific view file named "show_custom".
Add new properties to your product
Other properties In the "PRODUCT" section of HikaShop you can add BADGES.., create BRANDS.. and give CHARACTERISTICS.. to your product.


You can also display specifications on your product page thanks to CUSTOM FIELDS. For example, on our e-book pages we added two custom fields : "public" and "genre" to give more information to the reader.
If you want to add custom fields to your products, go in the section Display/Custom fields.., create a new custom field and select the Table "Product". Once you've created the field, it will appear on your back-end on the bottom of each product edition page (you can limit this field to one or several categories if needed). These specifications will appear on the front-end product details page.


Other HIKASHOP FEATURES as "vote and comments", "wishlist".. or "discounts".. have to be created/configured first, before you will be able to display them on the products page.
Create special products : related products / virtual products / donation products

You can add RELATED PRODUCTS to your products and display them on the product page to present more products to the customers, in the same page.
You have an exemple on the bottom of this page.


You can sell products on your store that don't need to be shipped. Some VIRTUAL PRODUCTS such as "softwares" or "e-books" don't need to use a shipping method. For that kind of products, thanks to the option : "downloads", you can associate a "file" to the product that the customer will be able to download once he'll have paid for it.

This is the case of our e-books, if you put one of them in your cart and buy it, you will have access to the e-pub format : a version that you can download and directly use on your tablet !


You can create a DONATION PRODUCT to allow your users to give you the amount they want. This possibility can be useful if you want to make a fundraising campaign, or if you need a subvention for a associative project for example. You can check the result and get more information on this page.

HikaShop Filter Module


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