You can display as many products as you want on your page and choose between different layouts (div / table / list), styles (color / font / border / background-color / button's shape...), effects (carousels or slideshows) and content (price, description, compare button, vote, badges...) in order to fit your website design.


What you can see on the front-end !

In this section you can see 5 different layouts declined from a same "products listing" module.

Display in Div
Display in List
Display in Table
Display with Badges
Display with Effects


What you can test on the back-end !
Create the products listing
Create the products listing

Go in the "PRODUCT" section of HikaShop..

Create all the products you want and associated them to a category.

Display the products listing
Menu products listing

Go in the "MENU" manager of Joomla..

You can add a new menu item of the type : "HikaShop products listing", then play with the HikaShop options ! Choose the category of products you want to display and how : with or without the pictures, number of columns, which type of layout, which kind of buttons... etc

Customise the products listing
Product options

Go in the "DISPLAY" section of Hikashop..

There,you can manage several options concerning the general style.



HikaShop Filter Module


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