You can do a lot of things with HikaShop and we can't show all the possibilities in this demo website,  but here are some of the main features.

If you are searching for a specific feature, you can check our main features list here or send us an contact request..


What you can see on the front-end !
User control panel

control panelDisplay the User Control Panel thanks to a menu item of the type "hikashop user control panel" which allow your users to manage their account :

  • edit their profile and address
  • view their orders
  • see their carts and wishlists
  • access their statistics for the affiliate program.



Affiliate program

Thanks to the affiliate program feature, available in HikaShop Business edition, you can propose to your users to become your business partners and improve your sales! It's very simple, each time they bring you a customer they make money. For example, the Affiliate program will detect each click generated by your client's affiliate ID and store a cookie in the visitor's computer. If the visitor makes a purchase within X days of the first click, you'll get X % of the sales revenue!




entriesThis feature allows your users to register to something on your website with the HikaShop entry form using the entry custom fields. That is useful for example if you are building a website for an event, and you have several options available with different prices and you want your users to be able to enter several persons to the event in one order.

That's the case we present here on our demo website.



Comparison of products

compareYou can display this comparison page thanks to a menu item of the type "HikaShop product comparison page". It allows you to present different products on a same table and compare their characteristics. Of course, you can display the buttons "add to cart" and also "add to wishlist" for each product.



Statistics and reports

statIn order to follow the progression of your shop and improve your sales, a powerful reporting system is available in HikaShop. Thanks to several options that you will find in : hikashop / Orders / Reports, you will be able to track all your results and get statistics about all your store data.



Coupons and discounts

discountYou want to boost your sales? Coupons and discounts are the perfect tools ! In HikaShop, they are really easy to create and configure. You will find all the options in : HikaShop / Orders  / Discounts. On the front-end of this demo website, you can test our fake coupon entitled "SAMPLECOUPON" and get 50% on your order.




What you can test on the back-end !

You can test all HikaShop options in the back-end, with the login : demo / demo.

Access now the HikaShop back-end



HikaShop Filter Module


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