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Memory Upgrades for all major brands including Apple, Cisco, Compaq, Dell, Gateway, HP, IBM and Micron, find memory for Desktop PCs, Notebook, Laptop and Server.  Try Our Computer Memory Configurator to select right Computer, Laptop Notebook and Printer Memory Upgrade. Compatible with Dell PowerEdge, Compaq Proliant, HP Workstation, IBM eServers.Whether you need 144pin 200pin Sodimm memory for Laptop Notebook, or ECC non ECC Registered Buffered Unbuffered memory.


Provide lifetime warranty on all Computer RAM Memory, Laptop NoteBook Memory RAM, and all other RAM Memory Upgrades, in addition to the manufacturer's warranty and money back guarantee, factory-direct pricing we give outstanding service and support and FREE shipping.  We carry all major brand memory, including Samsung DDR DDR2 Memory, Kingston DDR2 RAM, Micron Memory, Infineon, Hynix and more. Kingston, Micron, Samsung, Infineon, and Hynix, these are the largest memory chip manufacturers in the world.Upgrading memory on your computer or laptop? If you need to upgrade your old PC Computer with 4GB memory or new PC with 2GB memory this product is for you.

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