Adding HIKAMARKET to HikaShop, you will be able to create a multi-vendor website (a marketplace) and manage your shop from the front-end.

HikaMarket is declined in 2 different versions, depending on your needs.

HikaMarket Front-edition to manage all your store from the front-end of your website. Manage products, sales, customers, stocks and discounts... quickly and easily!

HikaMarket multi-vendor to create a real marketplace with several vendors. Manage sales, fees, taxes, different payment and shipment methods for each one of them.

You can compare these versions thanks to our features list.


What you can see on the front-end !
Vendor control panel

vendor control panelThanks to a menu item of the type " hikamarket / vendor control panel", you can display the vendor account on your website. Each vendor of your marketplace can find here the main information for his own shop on your website : his vendor account, his customers and orders, his categories and products, his discounts but also the main statistics to assess the status of his sales.




Vendors listing

vendor listingExactly as a products listing, you can display a list of all the vendors of your website, show their picture and name with different kind of layouts.

You will obtain this page thanks to the menu item type "hikamarket / vendors listing".


Vendor page

vendor pageThanks to the menu item type "hikamarket / vendor page" you can display a page dedicated to a vendor, with his name, a picture, a description and some custom fields about his company. You can choose to display the "vote and comment" module on this vendor page so that all the users can note the vendors.


Vendor edition

vendor editionThanks to the menu item type "hikamarket / vendor edition", you can display a configuration page, where the vendor can edit his profile, fill a form to give details about him (name, email, avatar...) and about his company (brand, address, VAT number, description...). He can also add "Terms and Conditions" and manage his users.





What you can test on the back-end !

Through the back-end of this demo website you can access and test all the configuration options of HIkaMarket. Create vendors, associate products to them, manage access levels, try different display options, add custom fields, and take a look at our plugins.

Access now to the HikaMarket back-end


HikaShop Filter Module


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