In HikaShop, coupons and discounts are handled the same way. Discounts are automatically applied to products prices, while coupons are applied on the order/cart when the customer enters the coupon code during the checkout process.

In the Starter edition of HikaShop, only basic restrictions like start date, end date and minimum order value are available while in our commercial editions, you can set more advanced restrictions like a restriction on a category, a product or a zone.

For more information about how to add and edit a coupon or a discount in HikaShop, click here to read our full tutorial.


What you can see on the front-end !

discountWe created a coupon on the demo website back-end so that you can see how it works on the front-end for the customer. This coupon is a 50% discount on every products of the store,  its code is : SAMPLECOUPON

To use it, add one or several products to your cart and proceed to checkout. There, under your cart, you will see a special area which says "Enter your coupon : ...". If you enter the special code :  SAMPLECOUPON you will get a 50% discount on your order.

Coupon in the checkout



What you can test on the back-end !

You  can create a COUPON or a DISCOUNT on the back-end, in the menu: "Hikashop / Orders / Discounts".

Discounts page There are three main steps to create a coupon / discount :

1) The discount information : choose here the name of your discount, its amount (flat or percentage),and if you publish it or not. You can also see here the number of times it has been used and change that number if needed.

2) The restrictions : define here the period of validity. the product or category concerned, the quota per users, etc.

3) The access level : select which user groups will benefit from the offer.




HikaShop Filter Module


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